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Within a day or two of planting, use your finger to probe down to the original soil that was in the rose container to check for moisture content.  Check daily until the soil feels dry to the touch and water when needed.  If you pay attention to the days between watering, you can get an idea of a watering schedule which helps tremendously.  When watering, it is best to water in morning as opposed to evening to avoid wet leaves all night.  Be sure to pay attention to things that may increase water usage, such as hot days and lack of rainy weather.  After a rose has been established for a year in properly amended soil, the only watering necessary is in times of very dry weather.  

All roses are heavy feeders and appreciate a balanced fertilizer. Our roses come with half the fertilizer they will need for the year, and will need supplemental fertilizer only applied at half strength. It does not matter if you use liquid or granular, as long as if using a granular its effects have worn off by August to allow the canes to start hardening off before winter.  The following year after planting, you may use any fertilizer at full strength that fertilizes from April-August.

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