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Callas, especially colored ones, benefit from water and temperature management.

Results are more likely to be satisfactory if a preventative fungicide drench is used.

Benomyle or Captan would be good choices. If you do not wish to use a drench, use

new pots, sterile media, and new saucers. If you choose to use old containers and

saucers, disinfect in a Chlorine bleach solution for 20 minutes. Allow pots to air-dry

so that chlorine will dissipate before potting.



Selection of a well-drained potting medium with good soil porosity is important.

Medium should have a PH of 6-6.5 and not exceed 40% of peat. If you suspect that

The medium you intend to use is not porous enough add Perlite.                                                                                                                                                                      



Within 24 hours of planting the bulbs 1 In. deep in moistened media, a fungicide drench for prevention of phytophthora and rhizoctonia can be applied. Put enough on

to wet all of the soil in the pot if possible. Thereafter, water very sparingly until foliage is

well developed. After that keep soil moist, but not saturated.


Start pots at warm temperatures (70-75 degrees) until well emerged. After that,

60 degree nights and 65-70 degree days are about right. High temperatures speed

flowering but produce soft floppy plants. High light and low temperatures (55-60 degrees) will improve flower color and plant habit.



Use balanced slow release fertilizer or a water soluble one that is balanced or

slightly low on phosphate. Follow package directions.


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