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My Venus Flytrap Is Not Doing Well!   What is the Matter?


1.      Not enough light. Flytraps need almost full sun. Grow it in a bright place!

2.      Use only distilled water or rainwater.

3.     The plant may be trying to go dormant. Try growing it cooler and dryer. It may show new growth in spring. If you allow it to become dormant (growth stops) expose it to cooler temperatures and shorter day length. If not allowed a dormant period each year the plant will weaken and die after a few years.

4.      The plant may have outgrown its pot. Immediately after you buy it move up to a size larger pot. Use sphagnum moss to pot into, never soil.

5.      If you have put fertilizer on the plant it will DIE unless you repot it at once into fresh sphagnum moss! Fertilizer of any kind will prove fatal.

6.     It may be infested with aphids. Completely submerge entire plant under water for 24 hours.

7.      Donít make the traps close by touching the trigger hairs with probes as this can exhaust the plant and lead to the death of individual traps or the entire plant.


If allowed to grow the plant will reward you with new traps and even




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