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When setting out peppers, plant them one inch deeper than they were in the pack. Space them 18 inches apart in rows 24 inches wide. You can use water to wet the plants or you can use a starter solution, make sure this is done thoroughly. Be sure not to plant peppers when temperatures are below 60 degrees, for this can stunt the plants. Once the plants are well established mulch can be added to help conserve moisture and to control weeds.
Once several blooms have set, a side dressing of 12-12-12 can be added if needed. If the plants are large and not very many blooms, there may be too many nutrients in the soil and you shouldn’t fertilize. Many people pick their peppers at the green immature stage, but leaving them on the plant makes them sweeter and higher in vitamin content. Most green bell peppers will turn red if left on the plant.
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