Christmas Cactus Care
Temperature:  Ideal temperature range is 55-70 degrees.  During resting period keep at 50-55 degrees.  They cannot tolerate frost.
Light:  Choose a well-lit spot, shaded from direct sunlight inside or during the summer outside.
Water:  Increase watering when resting period is over and buds begin to form.  When soil dries on top, water thoroughly.
Fertilizer:  Christmas cactus respond to light feedings with diluted liquid fertilizer during spring and summer growing seasons.  Stop fertilizing in early September to allow buds to set.
Repotting:  Do not repot plant once buds have set, repot only after flowering is finished.  Flowering is encouraged by pot bound conditions, so do not repot annually.
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The Christmas Cactus requires High light in order to bloom abundantly.  Indoors, place it in a well-lit window.  The most common problem that people have with a Christmas cactus is the watering.  It doesn't like to go as dry as a regular cactus.  It is a succulent so it can store some water in its leaves.  It should be watered only when the top part of the soil is dry to the touch, then water thoroughly.  Remove any excess water that drains into the saucer. 
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