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African Violet
Aluminum Plant
Artillery Plant
Baby Tears
Bamboo Palm
Banana Plant
Boston Fern
Button Fern
Cast Iron Plant
Creeping Pilea
Dallas Fern
False Aralia
Goldfish Plant
Grape Ivy
Jade Plant
Please note that while these plants are listed safe for cats and dogs, they could still be allergic to any of these plants listed.
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Kentia Palm
Lipstick Vine
Maidenhair Fern
Money Tree
Neanthe Bella Palm
Oat Grass
Parlor Palm
Persian Violet
Ponytail Palm
Prayer Plant (Maranta)
Rabbit’s Foot Fern
Rex Begonia
Spider Plant
Swedish Ivy
Sword Fern
Tahitian Bridal Veil
Wandering Jew
Zebra Plant
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