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Want to grow your own vegetables, but don't have room for a garden? It is possible to grow vegetables on your patio in containers. By choosing the right container, variety of plant, and a little know-how, you can successfully grow your own vegetables! The first thing to consider is sunlight. If you have less than the minimum required, I suggest improvising with grow lights to reach the minimum amount of light,
or your vegetables may not be productive. The minimum for fruiting vegetables such as peppers, cucumbers, & tomatoes is 6 hours of Sun. The minimum for root crops such as carrots, potatoes and radish is 5 hours. Leafy vegetables can handle the most shade, such as lettuce, spinach and greens. The minimum of light is 4 hours. You may still be able to have success with less sunlight, but results may vary. Next to consider is container size.
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