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These shrubs prefer a protected environment. This could be up against your house, along a privacy fence, or under a shade tree. This will help protect their leaves and buds from winter wind and sun. This protection is also valued in the summer as most varieties of each shrub can get sun scorched, especially if allowed to go too dry. Azaleas may tolerate full sun, although its soil preferences must be met. Both plants are very fragile and become rigid as they grow older. This protection will help keep the branches from breaking.
Both shrubs prefer a more acidic environment for their roots. Also, they need more organic matter than other shrubs, preferably at least a 20% content (No higher than 50%). Therefore, when planting, it is best to add some peat moss, well mixed with the original soil back into the planting hole. If the pH is high, it is also good to incorporate some sulfur with the amended soil.
Mays Greenhouse 2010