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In the spring start seeds in peat pots in mid-April. Atlantic Giant Pumpkin seeds are reputed to be the best seed for growing giant pumpkins. The soil temperature needs to stay between 80 - 95 degrees. Having a light three inches above the moist peat pot can help keep the soil temperature warm. If the soil temperature is lower, the seeds may rot. Once the first true leaves of the plants have emerged, it is time to transplant outside. Protect the plants with a "mini-greenhouse" from any lingering frosts and wind. The easiest way to make a "mini-greenhouse" is to cut out the bottom of a milk jug and place over the plants. Bury the edges in the ground to help keep it in place. Take the lid off the top of the jug for ventilation. Keep transplants evenly moist and avoid stress. Fertilize once a week with a 15-30-15 fertilizer.
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