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Fall is a busy time in the Herb garden. It's time for harvesting, saving seed, taking cuttings or divisions for winter use and mulching. The best time to harvest herbs is just after the dew has dried in the morning and most herbs, just before flowering. The oils, which give the herbs its aroma and flavor, are at their highest concentration at this point. When harvesting herbs take into consideration the moisture content of the plant, low-moisture plants such as bay, dill, marjoram, oregano, rosemary and sage can be air-dried, without the danger of molding. High-moisture herbs include basil, lemon balm, mints, and tarragon. These herbs should be dried in a dehydrator, or frozen.
To save herb seed, collect the entire seed head after it has dried on the plant. Store these in a well ventilated, dry area to allow further drying. Once dry thresh the seed from the heads and store.
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