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Fertilizer-  14 days after planting, sprinkle 3 ounces of 12-12-12 around each plant. In years to come apply 4 to 6 pounds 12-12-12 per 100 feet of row. Apply in a band down both sides of row. Do this in early spring before growth begins. Avoid feeding in late summer to reduce the likelihood of winter injury. In dry weather extra water will be needed, especially during fruit production. A soaker hose is ideal as it makes it possible to keep the leaves dry and reduces the spread of disease.


Pruning Black and Purple Raspberries-Tip the top 3 to 4 inches of new shoots(one year canes). Pinch black raspberries to a height of 2 ft and purples to 2 . This may need to be repeated several times through the summer. If a trellis or support is used both types can be tipped 6-12 higher. Tipping causes branching, which means more bearing surface. As soon as berries are harvested cut out all of the canes that bore fruit and dispose of them. This is a sanitary measure to prevent the spread of disease. Do not compost.


Pruning Red Raspberries- There are two types of red raspberries, those that produce one crop each summer and those that crop spring and fall.

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