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Dill - is supposed to improve the growth and health of cabbage, but is considered detrimental to the growth of carrots.
Basil- is supposed to improve both the growth and flavor of tomatoes. It should not be planted close to Rue.
Borage - is supposed to discourage tomato worms.
Chamomile - is thought to improve the flavor of cabbages and onions.
Garlic - planted close to roses, is supposed to deter aphids
Hyssop - is a companion to cabbage and grapes and deters cabbage worms. Do not plant near radishes.
Marjoram - is said to improve the flavor of all vegetables.
Peppermint - is said to deter cabbage moths, bean beetles and carrot flies. It can be an aggressive spreader.
Rue - deters Japanese beetles in roses and raspberries.
Sage - plant with rosemary, cabbage and carrots to discourage beetles, cabbage moths and carrot flies. It should not be planted near cucumbers.
Summer Savory - planted with beans and onions is said to improve flavor and to discourage cabbage moths.
Tansy - deters many flying insects and can be planted with fruit trees, roses and raspberries. Consider well before planting unless its growth can be controlled.
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