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Renovation should be started immediately after harvest to promote early runner formation, and be completed by mid-July.
1 If grass is a problem strawberry beds can be sprayed with Post.
2. Fertilize the planting with a balanced fertilizer such as 12-12-12.
3. Mow the old leaves off just above the crowns. Do not mow so low as to damage the crowns.
4. Reduce the width of the rows to a manageable width based on your row spacing, the aisle width desired and the earliness of renovation. 18 to 12 inches is desirable, to as little as six inches. Use a tiller to achieve the reduction. Narrow rows are superior to wide rows. Narrow rows give better light penetration, better disease control, and better fruit quality. 5. Plants should not be too dense within the row. A final density of 5 plants per square foot is optimum, so plants are 5-6 inches apart.
6. Cultivate in straw mulch between rows and throw a small amount of soil over row. Strawberry crowns continue to develop at the top, and new roots are initiated. Additional soil should be added to facilitate rooting. to 1 inch of soil is sufficient. Do not completely cover the crowns with soil.
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