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 Artic Kiwi also known as hardy kiwi is smaller than the kiwi you see in the grocery. Kiwis can be grown in different types of soil, but they like well drained soil. A pH range of 5.5-6.8 is optimal, amend the soil as necessary. Try to plant kiwis on a sunny south side where the maximum hours of heat can be had to ripen fruit. It is best to plant in a sheltered area to protect from strong winds. A male and female plant is needed to produce fruit. One male can pollinate up to eight surrounding females. They need extra water in mid-summer due to large leaf surface, but never over-water. Space each plant 10 feet apart. A trellis is needed. Feed with a balanced fertilizer in spring. Prune the first year of planting. Once the branches reach two to three feet tip pinch them so new shoots form. Once the new shoots reach twelve inches pinch again. Kiwis can cover a large area if allowed to and are an excellent choice to provide shade and or screening. Kiwis ripen in the fall and the fruits become sweeter if left on through a mild frost. It take a couple of years to get kiwis to bear, so be patient. The Vitamin C packed sweet fruits are well worth it.
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