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Location is very important for good Rose health.  Roses ideally should have at least 6 direct hours of sun a day for best performance. Of those hours, morning sun is preferred to afternoon, as to help dry off the morning dew.  All hybrid tea and floribunda roses need a minimum spacing of 36 off center from any other rose, or planted 24 away from a hedge or solid wall.  This is to help allow proper air flow to prevent foliage diseases.  Shrub roses, English, and Rambling roses may need more space to accommodate their spreading or arching growth habit.  Also when choosing a site, there should be no competition from the roots of trees, large shrubs, or turf grass.  The soil drainage should be excellent, and if any water puddles in a possible planting spot, you may have to find another location for planting. Otherwise you might build a raised bed no less than 10 taller than the surrounding area, lifting the crown above saturation.  Usually gray clay indicates poorly drained areas while red clay indicates sufficient drainage, as the iron in the soil has oxidized by the extra oxygen permeating the soil.
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Mays Greenhouse 2010