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Air Plant Care
LIGHT:  Air Plants like bright light, so place them within three foot of a window, or give them grow lights.
WATER: This depends on the type of air plant you have, but a good rule is, the thinner the leaf, the more water it will require.  If the humidity is good in the location where you have the air plant, then a misting every couple of days, and a hour soak every two weeks should be plenty. If an air plant isn't getting enough water its leaves will curl. Morning watering with non-chlorinated water is best.  Shake off excess water and give good air circulation so plant is dry within four hours.
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FERTILIZING:   Fertilize once a month with 1/4 strength Orchid food.  This can be done with the bi-weekly soak.
TEMPERATURE:  Air plants prefer temperatures between 50-90 degrees.  Keep plants away from heating and cooling sources.
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