Norfolk Pine
Norfolk pine is an evergreen that makes a wonderful house plant.  In its native environment, Norfolk Island, it can get as tall as 200 feet, but in the house you can expect it to get four to eight feet.  In the home the Norfolk pine needs a bright window with a little direct sunlight.  Proper watering is very important for the tree.  Too much or too little water can cause needles to turn brown and drop.  The other thing that can cause needle drop is the lack of humidity.  This can be avoided by giving the tree a foliar misting with room temperature water occasionally and keeping it away from vents and heat sources.  You can fertilize the tree with a balanced fertilizer diluted by half every two week from spring to fall, in the winter itís not needed.  The Norfolk pine is a slow grower, but occasionally it will need to be repotted.  Only do this once it is root-bound and roots are showing through the top of the soil.  Use a good potting mix, such as a soilless potting mix, and just bump it up into once pot size larger.  If a larger pot is used it may stress the tree.  The Norfolk pine is basically pest free, but sometimes it may be attacked by mealy bugs.  These are small cotton-like creatures.  These can be wiped off with alcohol, or you can treat with a pesticide labeled for the problem.
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