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Lucky Bamboo Plants
Care Instructions:
-Keep Out of Direct Sun
-Does Best Grown Indoors Year Round
-Grow in Water
-Use Distilled or Bottled Water, Sensitive to Chlorine and Fluoride in Water
-Dilute Fertilizer to About 1/10th Strength
-Only Fertilize Once a Month
-Brown tips is a sign of too much sunlight
Why is Lucky Bamboo considered lucky?
Bamboo has been a symbol of Good Fortune in Asian Cultures for more than 4,000 years.  Feng Shui masters recommend it to create a safe energized space.  The number of stalks clustered together have different meanings:
3 stalks- for happiness, 5 stalks- for wealth, 7 stalks- for good health, 21 stalks- for all purpose blessing. 
Dracaena Reflexa
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