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Jasmine Plant Care
Jasmine likes moist, well drained soil, such as a soil-less potting medium or a sandy loam.  It requires four to six hours of sun to bloom.  In the winter, give it the brightest window you have.  The best time to fertilize a jasmine is in the spring and then again in late July with a high phosphorous fertilizer.  Jasmine likes to stay moist, but not soggy, so watch the soil to learn how long and what conditions change its water uptake.  Such as in the winter, its water uptake is less than in the summer. Jasmine is a vine, unless trained otherwise.  It can be trained into trees and bushes.  Pinching often will keep the plant bushy and also promote branching.  This should be done after flowering.  If the Jasmine is root-bound, (more roots than soil in the pot), it can be moved up into one size larger pot.  This shouldn't be done until after it is finished flowering. In our area, Jasmine is not hardy, so it will have to be brought indoors in the winter.  This should be done before the night temperatures drop below 45 degrees. 
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