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Paper Whites
Many of us suffer from winter blues, waiting impatiently for spring to arrive and back to gardening.  One way to help ease the winter blues is to bring spring indoors by forcing bulbs.  One of the easiest and most popular bulbs to force is the Paperwhite. 
Paperwhites are very fragrant and produce small flowers that last for several weeks.  The plants will bloom four to six weeks after planting.  To get continuous bloom throughout the winter, continue to plant Paperwhites every two weeks.  Use a drain-less container about three to four inches dep.  Place a layer of washed pea gravel, marbles or other decorative stone, two inches deep in the bottom of the container.  Place the bulbs pointed side up in the container, but not so close to each other as they touch.  Now take more pea gravel and put around the bulbs to secure them in place.  Add just enough water to reach the base of the bulbs, but don’t let them sit in water, for it could cause them to rot.  Keep the water at this level through out their growing time.  Place the container in a cool dark area around 50° until the bulbs start to grow, and then move to a bright sunny window.  It is important they get enough light or they will stretch and get leggy.  The room temperature should be around 65° and then, in a few weeks, you have bright sweet smelling blooms to chase away those winter blues.
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