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Christmas Trees

Potted Trees can be used as a Christmas trees and then planted in the ground after the holidays.  This can be done successfully if a few guidelines are followed:

 The tree should be stored outside in a sheltered area, such as a porch or an unheated garage until it is time to bring it indoors.  It is not recommended that the tree be indoors for more than seven days.  If it is left in longer, it will break its dormancy cycle and sprout new growth that would damage the tree when placed outside.  Be sure that the roots are not exposed to freezing temperatures while storing it outside. 

When it is brought indoors, you may have to increase watering.  The root ball should be kept moist, but not soggy and should not dry out completely.  When decorating your tree, try to use lights that do not put off any heat and donít place the tree near any heat sources. 

After Christmas, move the tree outdoors as soon as possible.  It should be placed in a sheltered area again for twenty-four hours to help recondition it for the outdoor weather and then planted.  If the ground is frozen and you cannot dig, you can help protect the roots by mulching around the pot in a wide mound until you are able to work the ground.  It is not recommended that you store the tree above ground if you can avoid it.  Plant the tree as soon as can be managed.

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We have Live trees for use as Christmas trees that can be planted later, such as  Spruces, Arborviteas, White Pines and others. Call for varieties.