Rosemary a Christmas Herb
Rosemary is one of the best-known Christmas herbs.  There are many stories, legends, and folklore about Rosemary.  One is said that if a Rosemary plant will never grow taller than Jesus Christ and if it out lives the thirty three years, it will grow prostrate instead of upright.  Another legend states that Rosemary flowers were originally white and one day during the flight to Egypt, Mary draped her blue cloak over a rosemary bush.  The rosemary flowers turned blue and the whole plant took on the lovely color and fragrance of Mary's cloak.  Another comparable legend, Mary dries the baby Jesus' clothes on a fragrant bush after laundering.  The plant's name, rosemary, and its blue flowers are in remembrance of its humble service to the Holy family.  It is also said that anyone who smells Rosemary on Christmas Eve, will have happiness during the coming year.  With all these stories and folklore, it is no wonder that Rosemary is one of the most popular Christmas Herbs, not to mention its great flavor, fragrance and culinary uses.
Mays Greenhouse 2010