Pumpkins, Gourds, and Squash

We carry a large assortment of Pumpkins and Squash.  They are great for decorating but there are numerous varieties of these wonderful fall decorations that make delicious dishes. 


  Acorn squash is very popular because of its size; it can be cut in half to make two generous servings.  It does have a very hard rind and many people bake it with the rind on. When selecting an acorn squash, choose ones with the most green on the rind. 

Butternut squash has a sweet nutty flavor and can be peeled with a vegetable peeler.  It is used for pies, soups,  and for many other great recipes. 

Spaghetti squash, once cooked has long yellow strands inside that resemble spaghetti.  The strands taste like squash and can serve as a low calorie substitute for pasta. 

 Sweet Dumpling squash is small and once cooked, its flesh is tender enough to eat.  The flesh is sweeter and drier than many other squashes. 

  Pumpkins are very popular, from pumpkin cookies to pumpkin pie, pumpkins have long been known for their great taste. Pie pumpkins are best for cooking, the larger 'Jack o lantern' type is too watery, but the seeds can be baked.  Numerous recipes can be found on the different types of squash and many types can be substituted for other varieties.  Experiment this fall and try a new type of squash for Thanksgiving or for a Fall festival, you might discover a great new taste.

We also carry a wide assortment of Gourds.
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