Other Fall Decorations
We have Indian Corn, Straw, Corn Stalks, Bittersweet and more!

Ever wonder why Indian corn is used as a fall decoration?  Well it goes back to when European settlers were taught by the Indians how to grow corn in the 1500's.  When the Pilgrims came to America they weren't prepared to deal with the winters here and nearly perished.  Indians befriended the Pilgrims and helped them with food to survive the winter.  The Indians soon taught the pilgrims how to grow their own corn.   It became a main staple in each household.  The Pilgrims were so thankful they had a celebration, which is now our Thanksgiving.  Indian corn can be made into cornmeal, which is used to make breads, puddings, hominy, tortillas and much more.  Besides as a food crop, Indians used many parts of the corn.  Husks were woven into sleeping mats, baskets, dolls and many other uses.  The cobs were burned as fuel.   Indian corn became a traditional decoration for fall and Thanksgiving.  Indian corn can be grown the same way as sweet corn, but you don't want to plant them near each other or they will cross pollinate and the results would not be satisfactory.

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