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6280 Old State Road 37 South
Bloomington, IN.
Phone: 812-824-8630
Fax:  812-824-7635
Mays Greenhouse 

Before emailing us, please read the following:

Feel free to email us, but if you are looking for a prompt response, calling may be the better option, for our plants and immediate customers take up most of our time. 


SPRING TIME: It is impossible for us to respond to emails because we are very busy- so please
don't be offended if we are unable to respond during this time.

PLANT ADVICE: We receive many emails which ask us for advice on plants. We will answer
questions as best as we can, if the person is living in our surrounding area.
We are sorry we have to limit these to this area, but in other areas of the country there are
different growing needs and we do not feel that we could  give the best advice for your area and it would be better if someone qualified
in your area could answer your questions.

EMPLOYMENT: If you are interested in working for us, please stop by to get an application, or you can download an application below.  Email it to:   Most of our seasonal hiring is done in early spring around February and March.

WEB PAGE: If you have questions or comments concerning the Web site Click Here to contact our web master.

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