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Our History
In 1961 Marshal and Emma May and two of their daughters moved into the house at 6398 South Old Highway 37.  Marshal was in the heating and air conditioning business and wanted a change.  Marshal and Emma May’s lifelong interest in gardening led them to try the greenhouse business.  A small greenhouse was built on the property, attached to an old barn, which served as a potting shed.
Marshal May
First plant sales were in the side yard of the family home. In 1965, they decided to go for it and opened a shop in the spring.  Martha the youngest daughter was in college but worked evenings and weekends. Helen, the second daughter, left her job at a garden center to work in the greenhouse. A small shadehouse to sell from and a small parking lot were prepared and the shop opened in early April of 1965. Business was encouraging from the start and soon there were several greenhouses and a roofed all-weather shed to protect the cash register from sun and rain.
Martha & Helen May
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